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Tailwind CSS - Using subgrid to align child content

As of Tailwind CSS 3.4, CSS subgrids are now available. In this article, we will look at how we can use the new subgrid option to fix a very common layout alignment issue. Continue reading

How to clear Nginx cache

There are situations where you might need to clear the Nginx cache, such as updating content or resolving caching issues. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps on how to clear the Nginx cache. Continue reading

Tailwind CSS - How to make a grid with different width columns

Explore how to create a two-column grid as an example using Tailwind CSS, where the first column takes up 20% of the width, and the second column occupies the remaining 80% using 3 different methods to accomplish this. Continue reading

Force SSH Client to use specific private key

SSH config files allow you to define various configuration parameters for SSH connections. By creating a centralized configuration file, you can avoid the need to specify key files, usernames, and other connection details each time they connect to a server. Continue reading

Storing money data in MySQL

When dealing with monetary values, it's crucial to use a data type that supports fixed-point arithmetic. Explore the best practices for storing money data in MySQL to ensure data integrity and precision. Continue reading

Configuring and Using Aliases in Zsh on MacOS

Configuring aliases in Zsh on MacOS is a simple yet powerful way to enhance your command-line experience. By customising commands to match your workflow, you can save time and reduce the cognitive load associated with remembering complex commands. Continue reading

Selectively disable image lazy loading in WP 5.5+ (without plugin)

A better solution is to only disable lazy loading for selected images by class, particularly for images which increase the LCP metric. Continue reading

Create visual database schema with MySQL Workbench

Rather than manually creating a visual representation of your database schema, which can be extremely time-consuming and error-prone, MySQL Workbench simplifies this task using their database reverse engineer functionality. Continue reading

NGINX cache based on cookies

If you have a website where it is possible to serve multiple versions of the site using the same URL, you may run into problems where NGINX returns from cache the incorrect version. For example, if your site has multiple themes or you use browser user agent sniffing to provide different content to users. Continue reading

Javascript cookie not working on another page

When you set a cookie you should specify an expire time and a path. If you don’t specify a path the cookie is accessible only by the current page. Continue reading

1 to 10 of 13 results