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WordPress: Trackbacks and Pingbacks

Are you constantly getting notifications on your WordPress blog that you have received a trackback or pingback? Are you unsure about whether to approve them or trash them or spam them? In this article I will attempt to explain what trackbacks and pingbacks are, and point out that in the majority of cases they are […]

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Viewing Google tasks in a browser

Google Tasks allows you to keep track of what you need to do. It’s a fairly basic task manager but because it is fully integrated into Gmail and your Google calendar can be a very useful application to use. However, the problem can be finding it! Option 1 – In gmail, click on the downward […]

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WordPress: Adding shortcodes to themes

Wordpress and many of its plugins add shortcodes to your theme which you can then use in your pages and posts. A shortcode looks something like [myshortcode].

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