WP Synchro SSL error fix


WP Synchro is a handy WordPress plugin that makes syncing between a live version of your website and a local development version of your site nice and easy.

From the WP Synchro website (no affiliation):

WP Synchro helps you migrate and synchronize database and files between two WordPress installations, with the need to control what data to move and easy to run multiple times.

While it is certainly possible to do all of this manually (I’ve been doing that for years), this plugin automates things such as URL replacement in the database which is super handy.

SSL Error when syncing

When you create your first import installation in WP Synchro on your local site, it defaults to verifying the SSL certificate on your local setup.

If, like me, you run a self-signed SSL certificate for your local websites, when you try and run the import, you will end up with lots of SSL certificate errors.

WP Synchro throwing lots of SSL certificate errors.

WP Synchro throwing lots of SSL certificate errors.


To allow WP Synchro to work with self-signed SSL certificates, click on your import installation and select ‘Show connection options’ – not sure why they chose to hide those settings as it’s only 3 lines?

View WP Synchro connection options.

View WP Synchro connection options.

Unselect the ‘Verify SSL certificates’ option, save and you’re good to go.

Unselect the 'Verify SSL certificates' option

Unselect the ‘Verify SSL certificates’ option.

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